Hypernotes, the new Zenkit’s family of productivity and collaboration software, is an app to take notes and write notes designed to improve knowledge management and help create, share and understand knowledge in a totally new way.

Lupin has been designed, the development team said, to be used for any writing activity: wiki, Intranet, documentation, drafts of books, research ideas, diaries, personal Zettelkasten and so on.

This means, Zenkit points out, that Hypernotes can also be used by anyone and the range of available plans makes it accessible to anyone: from students and freelancers, to SMEs and large businesses.

The development team describes Hypernotes in this way: è structured a bit like your brain With Hypernotes, notes connect organically to each other, so finding the relevant piece of knowledge is much easier, even if a note was written years earlier.

With Hypernotes, the more you write the more knowledge you expand and the more links you create between things that you might not even have considered being related.

In addition, Hypernotes has an extremely effective task management built into it, and allows you to connect what you write with any other app in the Zenkit suite.

Each time the user writes in a note, he can use shortcuts to connect the text to other relevant notes, a little bit like online hyperlinks. But these connections work in both directions. Once a link is made from Note A to Note B, then a mention will be added to Note B which is linked to Note A.

The Knowledge Graph function is then a visual representation of one’s knowledge and all connections within it.

The graph shows by means of a color code which notes have attached tasks, which have comments, notifications, which are preferred, and more. And it is also possible to compress the connections to see how a note is connected to other notes and ideas further away.

Hypernotes is not designed just for a single person who builds his own knowledge, even if it is perfectly suited to this. It is designed to facilitate better collection and sharing of knowledge among team members, where each user is able to contribute intuitively and actively to building an information base to share with everyone.

You can add members to your notebooks, and create and assign tasks at notebook and note level. C

Hypernotes can be used in web version or with mobile apps for iOS and Android; desktop applications for Windows, Mac and Linux are also available.

As for pricing, there is a free personal plan, which has some limitations, and paid plans for teams and companies, calibrated both in terms of price and features and features included for the growing needs of organizations.

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