Now that remote work is becoming the new normality, we need a security solution that allows organizations to correct and protect devices and to offer staff the opportunity to work anywhere with a fluid experience and that solution is hyper-automation.

Nayaki Nayyar, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer of Ivanti, a company that automates IT and security activities with discovery, management, security and service management technologies from the cloud to the environment

The latest is called Neurons, a new hyper-automation platform to protect devices automatically and autonomously, and to offer users services in self-service mode.

Neurons has been designed to strengthen the capabilities of IT teams with automation bots that detect and solve security problems and vulnerabilities, improving the accuracy, speed and costs of services provided by the IT department.

With this version Ivanti realizes his vision of exploiting hyperautomation to face the rapid growth and complexity of devices, data and multigenerational workforce, as well as of course the increasing number of computer threats.

Helping organizations progress from a first level of automation to hyper-automation based on deep learning capacity Ivanti supports an autonomous perimeter environment with automatic correction, offering remote users contextual, predictive and personalized experiences

The hyperautomation platform

Neurons for Edge Intelligence allows IT to query all perimeter devices through a natural language and get real-time information in the entire company, within seconds. Using sensor-based architecture, it offers operational awareness, real-time inventory and protection configurations for the entire edge environment.

Neurons for Healing offers automation bots that allow you to detect, diagnose and fix configuration, performance, compliance and endpoint safety issues automatically. Automation of routine activities paves the way for the creation of an environment with real self-correction capabilities, reducing time and costs and improving the experience of employees.

Neurons for Discovery offers accurate and immediately usable information. Includes active and passive scanning systems as well as third-party connectors so as to have full real-time visibility: standardized hardware and software inventory data, software usage information and immediately usable data to be entered directly into configuration management databases (CMDB)

Neurons Workspace gives a 360° view of devices, users, applications and services with real-time data, thanks to which first-line analysts can solve problems that had to be forwarded to other specialists before. User and device visualizations reduce complexity, waiting times and escalation costs. This translates into faster resolution for end users and greater productivity.

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