The global vaccination campaign is paying off, and a hybrid working reality begins to take shape, as in Apple’s case.

According to The Verge, the employees of the American company will live a partial return to work in September.

Apple has informed its employees that they will be asked to return to the office three days a week from the beginning of September.

The Verge revealed that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, sent an email informing the staff of the change.

In the text, the CEO points out that although society and its employees were able to react to the pandemic effectively and promptly, the fundamental part of the physical human relationship has failed. Cook said that the video conference reduced the distance between people, but there are things that they simply can’t replicate.

Apple’s New Normal

Tim Cook also said that most employees will be asked to enter the office on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, with the possibility of working remotely on Wednesday and Friday. Teams that need to work in person will be back from four to five days a week.

Apple employees will also have the opportunity to work remotely up to two weeks a year.

To be closer to family and loved ones, manage unexpected trips or any need should occur, according to the letter. Managers must approve requests for distance work. This is the first big in the industry to announce a return to normality.

Normalities that, as many had assumed, are therefore expected to be hybrid. An alternation between traditional and domestic workplaces. This is undoubtedly an opportunity not to be wasted.

After years theorizing agile and modern work, we are faced with an epochal change.

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