According to Swyg, Dublin-based startup, the future of work will bring new organisational structures and emphasis on different skills, such as collaboration and adaptability: for this reason, the way in which recruitment is carried out today is no longer suitable for the purpose,

This young startup has therefore given itself as a mission to reinvent the way to hire companies operating in the modern world.

Technology and automation have changed the way we all do our work and even what we do and the speed of this change continues to accelerate. For this reason, according to Swyg, adaptability and skills of collaboration and learning are becoming increasingly crucial in the world of work.

Yet, the company highlights, the way companies hire has not changed much in the last 50 years.

Swyg believes that you need to look beyond the curriculum to understand a person, which is more than the sum of past professional experiences.

Also because, the company points out, this attention to the curriculum also increases prejudices and this is also why automated text-based screening tools can fail in a striking way.

At the same time, Swyg’s analysis continues, automation alone does not solve all the problems, because companies want to hire people, not robots. Automation, on the other hand, should make the process better for both parties, while preserving the human elements and quality of the selection process.

With current selection and recruiting methodologies, you risk getting away with excellent candidates or making bad decisions because of bias.

Swyg intends to solve these problems by providing in-depth and unique insights into candidates from the start of the recruitment process, as well as actively detecting and correcting prejudices in interviews.

How does Swyg get these results? Its platform combines the human element of understanding with the efficiency of artificial intelligence technology.

This platform works this way: candidates interview each other through short 1:1 video chats, after which participants evaluate each other and Swyg collects reviews of all of them. The platform’s artificial intelligence then analyses individual reviews to generate objective assessments, providing impartial and correct assessments and feedback on both technical and interpersonal skills of candidates.

According to Swyg, such a hybrid approach platform, combining artificial intelligence with human sensitivity, brings benefits for all, both for companies they hire and for job seekers.

The platform is being developed, with access on demand, and has recently obtained a one million euro round of funding to carry on the product.

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