Compendium has signed a partnership with Adp to give an even more intuitive service to the final customer, through an increasingly integrated management of business data.

The agreement will allow Compendium to give a total and automated integration between the human resources and payroll area databases, combining the capabilities of the ADP management software with the renewed functionality of its HR Compendium Platform.


A single access point completely cloud and accessible via any device (including mobile with iOS and Android systems), able to connect the company, staff and the office pay.

Through the partnership with Adp, a data entered into the platform (already starting from the onboarding process) will be available in real time for both the HR area and the office page.

Through the platform, it will be even easier to manage the entire recruitment process, the management and development of human resources, the detection of attendance and access and all aspects related to staff training and safety at work.

At the same time, having such a deep-integrated data allows you to have full control over items such as refunds and transfers, document management, budget monitoring, labour costs and HR analytics.

With a software-based system of its own patent, Compendium allows you to capitalize on the value of data thanks to business intelligence: the company manager is thus enabled to easily manage the evidence that emerges from the data collected, necessary to make business data driven decisions and

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