To explain the value and intention of HarmonyOS 2, Huawei’s new intelligent operating system, to really be \”disruptive \” over the world Tlc, we use the synthesis offered to us by Pier Giorgio Furcas, Deputy

The market is led today by the need for interaction and integration of devices. We technology providers must give users real experience of use and to do so we must switch from an app to an app.

That’s why, explained Furcas, HarmonyOS, è the element that closes the project of the innovation path started by Huawei five years ago, that started from the smartphone, passing through the ecosystem, to get to the

Before him Stephen Duan, General Manager Consumer BusinessGroup Italia of Huawei retraced the next past of the company, and not only referring to the last year and a half of pandemics, but also to what happened A ban Huawei reacted to by branding the open banner.

•HarmonyOs 2.0 • said Duan • was born to free up the possibilities and remove the limitations. It is the fundamental pillar for the Huawei ecosystem. For years we have worked to create a life based on artificial intelligence. We’ve been doing this since 2016. The HarmonyOS project was born before the US ban. Our smartwatch, earphones, tablets, laptops, smartphones are physical products that embody, all together, our vision of digitizing functionality in a transparent way. And HarmonyOS is the key software technology to do it

Smart home, smart office, smart life, are the themes indicated by Duan and to which the products that will arrive on the Italian market between the end of June and July will respond and that we will present in depth on 01Smartlife.

Products intended not only to perpetuate, but also to increase the growth of society. Huawei, despite all the obstacles to his action, is fine, the data says.

Pier Giorgio Furcas always provided us with them.

In the world’s 2020 Annus Horriblis, Huawei has turnover $ 136.7 billion, 3.8% more than in 2019, and has made a net profit of $ 9.9 billion. The customer base consists of 730 million smartphones, and a billion connected devices.

In Italy, where Huawei released 37 new products in 2020, the customer base is 400 thousand users.

We come to the App Gallery, another important part of Huawei’s holistic strategy: in the world it has 540 million users active monthly, while in Europe there are 42 million. Also in the world, the AppGallery today has 120 thousand apps, with an increase of 118% compared to the previous year. In Italy there are 12 thousand apps in 18 categories. The latest ones are the ones from the banking world.

HarmonyOS 2 is not an Android clone

As stated by Pier Giorgio Furcas, HarmonyOS 2 is not only for Huawei products, but is open to all industry.

And Rossana Pasini, HarmonyOS Expert of Huawei Italia, explained this, remembering that the operating system is already running on some devices and explaining that in the context of the strategy Huawei 1 + 8 + N (a smartphone, 8

The first pillar of the communication system with HarmoyOS 2 at the centre is the virtual bus. The second is the distributed data management technology: that is, one device can use the data of another. The third, inevitable, is the distributed security.

But beware, •HarmonyOS • Pasini • • Pasini • is not It can be run from 128K up to 4GB Plus.

And you get to admission. › With HarmonyOS we want to create a super device › said Pasini, able to put yourself at the center of smart life › smart travel, social shopping, smart education, entertainment, office

And the advantage of using HarmonyOS 2 is not only for users, but also, if not above all, for developers è unico code, which is used for all devices: only the user interface is adapted.

Two examples of Italian implementation

What it means to exploit the unifying capabilities of HarmonyOS 2 has witnessed two great users, who have focused on the new operating system to expand their business capabilities.

Eugenio La Teana, Head of Innovation of RTL, has developed a radio app that can be used with all Huawei wearable devices, because we believe that it is the user who has to decide how to enjoy the content. We developed the wearable application to cover the customers need we didn’t reach before, like dive into the pool and listen to music in the meantime. The radio must live on all connected devices. The app is immediate and in the future it can use content on demand and will allow users to communicate with us.

Fabrizio Farenga is CTO of Melarossa, an app that makes it possible to manage your diet by means of a personalized diet. The app has been available on AppGallery for some time: it is active in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Italy, and has 3 million users worldwide.

Now the wearable app can be used at any time of the day, with all the devices of the user (for example at the supermarket, to decide on the time what to buy): the data exchange between smartwatch and smartphone is immediate.

New products with HarmonyOS 2

Alessandro Sironi, Head of Marketing Communication of Huawei has introduced the new Huawei products that are coming to Italy and embody the logic of transparent integration enabled by HarmonyOS 2.

The first is the Smartwatch, Huawei Watch 3. Featuring powerful battery, it can use eSim. With the crown commands navigation and you have a new grid launcher available. The device supports connectivity with multiple devices: headphones and phones.

Enhance health tracking functions: measure skin temperature and recognize if wearer is falling, launching a Sos call. It monitors saturation in mode 24 of the heartbeat, sleep tracking and has a stress management function. The battery lasts 3 days in 4G and 2 weeks in echo mode, i.e. in long duration.

The Huawei Watch 3 Pro, in double version, Classica and Elite, in which the GPS is double channel, is also coming. The battery is powered up further: it lasts 5 days in 4G, which become 21 in saving mode. The prices of the new Huawei smartwatch range from 369 to 569 euros.

The new Huawei FreeBuds4 earphones are characterized by active noise cancellation, connect to two devices at the same time, weigh 4.1 grams. They aresmart as they map the ear and the auditory canal and adapt accordingly. They also work as HD voice recorder. They have a latency of 90 milliseconds, a duration of 22 hours and cost 149 euros.

The new Huawei MateView displays come on the smart office front, with 4K+ technology and capable of providing a real colour experience. They use only one USB cable to load and connect PCs and support wireless connection. The screen offers a 3:2 view. At the base they have a smart bar that works at touch, they share the screen of the devices, turning into a PC, and also mouse and keyboard. They cost 699 euros and are ordered from July 13. For gamers, the new Huawei MateView GT display, Ultra wide 21:9, with 165 Hz refresh rate. The new Huawei MatePad 11 tablets are also coming (12 hours of video, 10 hours of work, 499 euros) and the Huawei MatePad Pro.

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