According to Hpe Aruba in a dynamic and competitive business environment such as the current one, it is essential that the SMEs have a robust and secure network infrastructure, such as the one guaranteed by WiFi 6

The latest incarnation of the wireless network protocol guarantees the necessary security features to offer excellent customer experiences and improve business operations.

However, smaller companies face a challenge: unlike large companies, they often lack the skills and IT staff they need to support the deployment of emerging technologies.

Hpe Aruba has decided to respond to this need with a new Access Point (AP) Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax), specially designed to meet the needs of small companies.

The new Aruba Instant On AP22 WiFi Certified 6 access point provides high WiFi speeds, reduced latency and advanced security capabilities that distinguish WiFi 6, all of which with reliability levels and ease of deployment With the new AP22 access points, small businesses and organisations have simple, secure and smart solutions available for connectivity that allow you to support improved user experiences without having to face costs or complexity.

With a capacity four times greater than the access point 802.11ac, the AP22 provides a solid user experience in any environment: remote offices, hybrid classrooms or new redesigned spaces in the retail sector For activities that have had to re-align or modify their working modes in response to the current business scenario, this function is a further security measure to ensure that each operation continues smoothly.

As with the entire Aruba Instant On portfolio, the AP22 model integrates with the already existing AP Instant On internal/external APs as well as with the recently introduced 1930 switches and can be installed and centrally managed through the

For more information about the product family for small Instant On companies, please visit www.

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