Hp has announced the results of the Workforce Evolution Study, which shows how the acceleration of digitalization and smart working determined by the COVID-19 pandemic, has increased the need for reskilling.

According to data from 6 out of 10 employees in the United States and Europe, they agree that lifelong learning is now more important than ever.

In view of a lower level of safety in the world of work, the study commissioned by HP identified the emergence of the “Empowered Employee” as a new trend, the respondents highlighted the need to expand and deepen their training. More than 40% do so through online programs, such as HP Life • a free vocational training program for companies, entrepreneurs, and students from all over the world • which saw the remarkable growth of 282% of enrolments compared to the same

With over 35% of the company’s claims to be inclined to start its business thanks to new skills acquired, HP’s Workforce Evolution Study also takes into account the initiatives that companies must take to ensure their employees support, technology, training

Tracy Keogh, Chief Human Resources Officer at HP and co-chair of the World Economic Forum”s task force for the Future of Work said: “The last few months have accelerated and changed the future of work forever.” All of them were affected by the major international companies up to small businesses and individuals. It is more important than ever not only to invest in the latest technologies, but also in the skills of our workers themselves. The strength and flexibility of people are what will continue to motivate us in this digital transformation.

The full report can be downloaded here

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