Luna Display, Astropad hardware and software solution that allows you to transform your iPad into a second wireless display, and that also supports Mac and PC modes, has been updated to version 5.1.

This latest release introduces some interesting news, including the PC-to-Mac Mode feature.

With PC-to-Mac Features Astropad Features PC meets Mac and allows the user to get the best of the two worlds in a multiplatform workspace.

In fact, this feature allows you to use any compatible Mac as second wireless display for your PC.

If you prefer, you can use a wired connection for PC-to-Mac mode: Astropad recommends an Ethernet connection to get the best performance.

Another interesting news, as well as much expected by Luna Display users, is that you can now use your 4K or 5K computer as second display at maximum resolution.

5K support Featured Astropad • requires a USB-C Moon, while resolutions over 4K require macOS Big Sur or later.

In addition, the update frequencies have the following limitations for 4K and 5K resolutions:

5K @ 30hz on PC

5K @ 45h on Mac (demand Big Sur)

4K @ 60hz on Mac and PC

The other news about Luna Display 5.1

The above are undoubtedly the new features that are most important of the latest release of Luna Display, but not the only ones.

You can now use a Magic Keyboard and trackpad with your iPad while using Luna Display, and this new option works for both Mac and PC.

Then comes the Teleprompter mode for PC.

This feature allows you to match Luna Display with a beam splitter to get direct visual contact during video calls. The Teleprompter Mode of Luna Display automatically flips the display image, so that the beam splitter reflects the correct orientation of the image.

It is a useful function for professional meetings, online training or interviews.

Also for PC, now there is Office Mode, designed for users who usually work in an environment where more people use Moon.

With the Office mode activated, Luna will no longer automatically connect to the first computer it finds on the network. Instead, the user connects via Wi-Fi Manual Connect, or USB cable.

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