Instagram is today seen as the most effective channel to give visibility to a brand, strong of over 19 million users in Italy and complicit in a resounding overtaking on Facebook that seems to lose percentage points of users in favor of social photography.

According to a study by Hootsuite, about 500 million people access Instagram a day; of these, about 80% view at least one business page per day and look at one business story every three.

From these data it appears clear how the business should evaluate to be present on Instagram. It’s not improvised, but you need to have rules.

Some of them are Lucia Sternativo, Project Manager of Across. Present in Italy (in Turin) and in 15 countries, Across is the bearer of a multichannel lead generation strategy, through integrated marketing strategies, such as direct email marketing and native advertising, campaigns display, pay per click,

Start with target

The first rule of Lucia Sternativo is to identify your target audience. Instagram’s audience is extremely heterogeneous, it will be up to the company to decide which target to reach and allow those interested to identify themselves with their visual communication. The easiest mistake to make is trying to get to everyone without making a choice: you have to choose what type of audience to attract and then put into place a coherent visual strategy. Based on these choices, it will then be possible to work on the content strategy and, therefore, to determine how often to publish, at which times, how to formulate your own publishing calendar and not only.

Secondly, to set targets. The target must be identified and specific targets, measurable and time-based, depending on whether your need is to increase sales, increase traffic to your portal or implement brand awareness. In the case of Instagram, the strength lies in the visual impact, which is why it will always be necessary to achieve its objectives with the help of visually attractive material.

Third: convert a private profile to a business profile. In practice, it is essential to transform your private profile into a business profile. To do this, you need to log into your Instagram account, access the settings and select This operation allows you to see the insights, through a native analysis platform that provides data on public involvement, impressions and demographic data, and have data on the performance of posts and stories, but also have access to the panel to sponsor your ads.

Direct consequence, for Sternativo, is the style with which to involve its audience: in an increasingly used container it is essential to distinguish and to do so you need to find a personal style, starting from the use of creative photos and related to everyday life. Space, then, to users-generated content, to get in direct contact with their audience. The involvement is essential in the success of their social presence; therefore, it is necessary to encourage the target users to share and comment on photos associated with their brand, through the most diverse tools from photographic contests to the themed hashtags.

How to use Instagram tools

The tools offered by Instagram should be used: hashtag, capture, stories are essential functions to give visibility to your profile.

Use the hashtags related to the brand. This does not mean using only the name of your company as hashtag, but finding additional ones that represent your brand on Instagram; for example hashtag related to your area of competence, your target audience, the specific photo posted, the values

Use captions to tell each other. Although Instagram is based on visual impact, a successful business profile cannot be separated from captions. These lines of text, on the contrary, can become a value element allowing to create a world in addition to an image, contextualizing it and tying it to double thread with its business.

Use the Stories. It is certainly the most popular format, useful to get to your audience in a fast and direct way. You don’t need to make elaborate videos but you can start from creative photos to add impact effects, immortalize your presence during events relevant to the sector of reference, convey some tips of interest or give space to your team through small personal contributions

External invites you not to forget the tools in the suit: there are several tools that can facilitate the management of an Instagram profile from photo editors, such as Snapseed, VSCO or Adobe Lightroom, or

Marketing and adv

The last three tips are marketing actions, starting with the one of influence. An influencer marketing action can be incisive: it is increasingly common to start collaborations with very popular Instagram users who, thanks to their expertise in a given sector and a large number of followers are considered as real influencers. You can get in touch with them and evaluate the possible synergies linked to a partnership under compensation.

More and more often, Sternativo observes, companies are moving in the contact of micro-influencer, which although having a lower number of followers ensure greater interactions and a more profiled audience.

Multichannel: Instagram and other social media are an essential channel to make your business known, but a useful result will come through the mixing of these channels with others, online and offline. The increased integration of multichannel is a key factor for companies, which are often surprised by the possible results that can be achieved.

Finally, social advertising: to grow on Instagram it is necessary to take a long time, if this is a shortage secondo Sternativo it is better to rely on a professional in the sector that can increase the brand awareness of the company that makes request, create new opportunities A professional plans the 360° social campaign: from fanbase generation to editorial strategy, from design and management of contests to prizes to optimization of sponsored ads.

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