Google Maps Street View offers a representation of places through images that immersively recompose the locations where the user is surfing virtually.

Most of the images used for this feature come from Google’s Street View cars.

But now, with the Street View app for Android updated by Google, it becomes easier than ever for all users to capture their own Street View images and put them in the right place on Google Maps.

Using the new Connected Photos tool of the app, anyone can record a series of connected images while moving along a road or path.

Such images are captured using ARCore, the same augmented reality technology that Google uses to produce experiences like Live View. After recording the images and publishing them via the Street View app, they are rotated and positioned to automatically create a series of connected photos.

These connected photos are then placed in the correct place on Google Maps, so that the new Street View created can be found in the exact location where it was taken, to allow other users to view and explore it.

Before implementing this function, Big G explained, it would generally require special 360-degree cameras to capture and publish Street View images; equipment to attach to the roof of the car and costing thousands of dollars.

Now anyone can create their own Street View and Google photos, thanks to this feature, believes that they can make better maps available to more people around the world, capturing places that are not on Google Maps or that have experienced a rapid change

All you need to capture these images is a smartphone, without the need for any sophisticated equipment. As with other platform images, these generated by users will help make Google Maps more accurate and up-to-date for everyone.

Where people have contributed with linked photos, they will appear on the Street View level on Google Maps as dotted blue lines; where there are already images of Google Street View, this will be referred to as the main experience of Street View

It is currently, the Mountain View company has emphasized, still of a beta functionality with limited availability: it is for now available for those who use the Street View app with an Android device compatible with ARCore in Toronto Canada, New York and

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