Legrand presents a new datacenter oriented platform: it is Nexpand, the new born in the Minkels family.

The digital revolution in progress involves the personal and professional life of each of us. An ever-increasing volume of data, higher processing speeds, increased storage requirements, the exponential increase of IoT and artificial intelligence and many other applications have posed new challenges to data centers.

A data center today must integrate IT infrastructure as efficiently as possible. It needs space to develop and evolve according to new circumstances, technologies and user requirements. As a result, changes and innovations are needed to ensure better availability, efficiency, safety and durability.

The Nexpand platform was created to provide space for all future developments.

The design, with customer support, has been designed to ensure flexibility and modularity to installation, simplicity in fixing accessories and components, high levels of scalability.

The modularity is guaranteed by the aluminium frame on which there are adjustable guides in all three dimensions; moreover it supports without any problems the weight of computer equipment. The mounting guides and T-shaped grooves are positioned directly on the 19-inch uprights and frame of the structure.

The cabinet can be customized without depending on a specific puncture.

The platform allows you to mount and remove from the inside all the accessories and components of each single wardrobe. Even if the modules are already mounted and coupled, it is easy to replace, remove or add internal components and make any changes.

In addition, in the new wardrobe, it is easy to add locks, PDUs and smart sensors to remotely monitor the data center and check the status of equipment and environmental factors.

The integration into the door of the locking mechanism and its wiring (in the case of an intelligent locking system) protects the device against accidental damage. Demounting and reverse door are quick and simple.

Nexpand is designed for the use of smart locks that can be remotely operated and allow the management and monitoring of accesses of authorized personnel. Not only that: even a very short power failure can have serious consequences: Nexpand manages the risk with standard PDU and intelligent PDU Legrand.

Server hardware releases a lot of heat: the more efficient the cooling process, the more reliable the hardware. The architecture of the Nexpand racks has been designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

Nexpand is natively designed for the installation of airflow management kits or vertical buffer systems to separate cold air from hot air.

Nexpand has been designed according to the most modern principles of industrial design (Design for Manufacture and Design for Assembly) and above all according to the Environmentally Oriented Development, which takes into account the product’s life cycle and its impact on the product’s performance.

The project focused on a more efficient use of energy in data centres, which, by ensuring that IT equipment is cooled properly, could reduce consumption and operating costs.

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