Posting WordPress content on Twitter has become much easier. It was already possible to bring single tweets or threads from Twitter to WordPress, and the WordPress team has now completed the process.

With just two more clicks it is now possible to turn the entire WordPress blog post into a Twitter thread, to activate in a simple and fast way new channels of engagement and online conversation.

When you share a WordPress post as Twitter thread, nothing is overlooked: text, images, videos and embeds will be inserted into the thread exactly in the location where they should be.

Since Twitter threads work better without interruptions and other oddities, the WordPress development team in implementing this feature has paid particular attention to formatting. If a paragraph is too long for a single tweet, for example, it is automatically divided into several tweets.

In addition, instead of pressing as many words as possible in the first tweet and leaving the rest in the second, the interruption will come at the end of a sentence. And again: if there is a list block in the post, it will be formatted as a list on Twitter.

To provide users with greater control, while writing a post will be shown where the subdivisions will fall in tweets. This way you can edit the way the post will appear on Twitter directly while you write it.

To post a blog post as a Twitter thread, first click on the Jetpack icon on the right of the header menu at the top of the page.

If your Twitter account is not yet connected to the website, you must first connect it to allow WordPress to post content on the Twitter feed. You can also add multiple accounts.

Then, you need to make sure that you select the right connection to Twitter (i.e. the correct Twitter account on which you want to share the post), write a personalized message and finally choose whether to share a single link to the blog post or all

After this, you just have to post the WordPress blog post and the tweet or thread will be shared simultaneously on Twitter.

You have to make sure you have selected your Twitter account at the time of publication, because only in this way you can share the blog post as Twitter thread automatically.

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