Those of us who usually find themselves early enough during the working day with one or more tab browser windows overloaded, where it becomes increasingly difficult to orient themselves, might find it helpful to find a feature recently introduced by Google in its browser

The tab group function allows you to group the tabs open in the browser, offering a tool to give a bit of order to a window where there are numerous tabs open.

To organize the cards in a group you must first create a new group.

To do this: right-click on the tab you want to be inserted in the group and from the context menu, select the Add Tab command to new group.

You will see a colored circle appear on the left side of the tab: right-click on it.

In the panel that opens Google Chrome allows you to enter a name and choose a color that will help you catalog and then more easily recognize the content of that group of tabs.

To add more tabs to the group just click on them and drag them into the group.

Similarly, to extract a tab from the group just click on it and drag it out of the group; or alternatively right-click on the tab and select Remove from the group.

The name you chose for the group is used to label it in the tab bar of Google Chrome and the selected color marks the label and also highlights the tabs that belong to that group.

With a click on the group label, you can alternatively open and close it, to view or hide the tabs contained inside it. This way you still have quick access to tabs that you need to keep open, but in a cleaner and more tidy working environment, which reduces distractions and helps you to be more productive.

Depending on your workflow, there are several criteria for grouping tabs: by site (often you have many tabs open on the same site), by activity, by theme and so on.

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