Advanced features specially designed for General Counsel allow cost monitoring and mitigation of non-compliance risk for the company

Save time on repetitive and low value-added activities thanks to the optimization of legal workflow.

It is possible to improve planning and make the profession of the legal firm more managerial, as well as exploiting new technologies to manage complex and varied data in an intuitive and simple way.

62% of the firms and legal offices that already invest in technology claim that the profitability of their activities has increased thanks to digital transformation, which collapses to 39% for those in technological transition and to 17% for those in great delay. These are data collected from the research Future Ready Lawyer 2021, conducted by Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory on a panel of 700 companies and lawyers worldwide.

Strategic decisions with legal world IT

How to overcome the technological gap of corporate legal departments? There are many critical points, starting with cybersecurity and the huge amount of data that passes through the legal function every day.

This is why SuiteNext was born from Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory Italia, the solution for the management of the legal office that allows to redesign workflows qualitatively, in favour of optimizing costs, times and the valorization of

• The company’s legal team must not know every single technology, it is not its job – explains Domenico Digregorio, Managing Director Legal & Compliance Software of Wolters Kluwer Italy. – It must be able to concentrate by

The lawyer can choose his widgets, customize the platform according to his work, manage resources in the best way thanks to the native integration of Microsoft Office 365 for document management.

From an operational point of view, in addition to offering workflow document functionality, SuiteNext is integrated with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and keeps its data on Microsoft Azure infrastructure certified ISO 27001 and with SOC Report.

Monitoring costs and reducing business risk

In SuiteNext native business intelligence features provide qualitative-quantitative assessments to support decision making for each professional, allowing document management, trusting costs, budgeting and forecasting.

This drastically reduces the timing and inertia of the critical processes of the legal office, in line with corporate policies and ensuring high standards of quality and efficiency.

The complete customization of the workflow within the SuiteNext digital environment allows operational and strategic planning, in real time. Advanced features specially designed for advanced business needs, allow cost monitoring and business risk reduction and provide a valuable support to base any decision-making process.

Risk management is supported by a process of flow certification according to IAS principles, in compliance with Audit policies, and by real-time monitoring of trends with standardisation of certification processes through a workflow guided and configured according to company specificities.

This, from the point of view of financial control, allows SuiteNext to report at any time the market amount to the different assets and, as regards the risk fund, is able automatically to estimate the economic percentages to be taken into account depending on the outcome

Budget management offers powerful metrics for comparison for the cost management of the Legal Department. An advanced recording and monitoring system always makes available a synoptic comparison between Actual (with residual value available) and Engagement (expenditure forecast on assignments and excesses), with automatic cost update through integration with in-house accounting systems

A alert system monitors the maximum budget erosion thresholds by notifying the situation to the actors involved in financial management.

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