Adobe Acrobat web provides a very simple and fast way to perform a series of tasks with PDF documents directly in your browser, without any desktop software to download and install.

This useful online tool provides a range of actions for the most common tasks, such as converting a file to PDF, compressing or protecting it, dividing a PDF into multiple files or joining more PDFs together, and others.

To exploit these functions, you need to access Adobe Acrobat web.

For several of these actions, Adobe has collaborated with Big G to launch Acrobat’s shortcuts for Google’ domain.

Both the functionality and the number of possible processing on Acrobat web depend on the type of access, if completely free, with a free Adobe account or with a paid subscription. Of course, the platform offers the possibility to fully exploit all the potentials of the platform, but also with the free Adobe account it is possible to use these tools occasionally and occasionally.

Once opened in the Adobe Acrobat web browser, we then log in with our Adobe account (or with one of the options available) at the Adobe Document Cloud, the professional platform to work with PDF documents.

The Adobe Acrobat web Home screen shows some recent accounts files and tools; we are interested in the All Tools tab.

In our first activity we need to compress a particularly heavy PDF. So let’s identify and click the Compress PDF tool.

On the next screen we have the option to drag a file to the active area or select it from our computer: the Computer tab must be the one active to load a file from our device; the Recent tabs and Documents refer to the user area on the

After uploading it, the Adobe Document Cloud platform processes our document and, when it is ready, shows it to us in the editing environment. We can browse it and, with the tools in the upper right corner, share it or download it locally.

The document will also be stored in the Adobe Acrobat web Documents area of the active account.

As we said, Google’s.New domain shortcuts are also available to access the tool we have described (and others) even faster.

To compress a PDF shortcut is:

Do we need to split a PDF document into multiple files? The procedure is similar, this time selecting the Split PDF tool and again dragging the file or choosing it from the computer.

This time, after loading, Adobe Acrobat web will show us the page previews, among which we can activate the lines of division between files.

Once you define the file subdivision, click Continue.

Adobe Acrobat web will show how separate files will be created and give you the option to save them to a new user folder in the cloud platform.

Finally, let’s see how to combine multiple PDF documents into a single file.

Always in the All Tools screen, we select the Combine file and, as usual, drag files.

In the Combine file screen there is the possibility to add additional PDF documents and, by dragging their previews, to change the order, as well as to rotate the orientation and delete those that we do not need.

When all the PDFs we want to merge are available, and these are in the right order, we type the name of the new file in the appropriate text box and click Combine.

At the end of the processing we can download the newly created combined PDF file, which will be saved in Adobe Acrobat Web Documents.

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