Camo is a solution developed by the English company Reincubate that allows you to use the camera integrated in a mobile device as a webcam for your computer for video calls and video conferencing, and more.

The solution consists of two elements. Mobile app Camo is installed on your smartphone: it is available for iOS and, in beta, for Android.

Camo Studio desktop apps should be installed on the computer: this is available for Mac and currently is in public beta version for Windows.

Once the two apps are installed, mobile and desktop, you just need to connect the device via USB to the Mac or PC and the combination will be done by Camo automatically.

What is the advantage of this solution? First, it can be an alternative to using an external webcam for fixed computers that are not provided. But even in the case of a notebook it could be a choice to consider. The webcam of an iPhone or a recent smartphone usually offers a better quality of the image than a webcam embedded in a laptop.

In addition to this, Camo Studio provides a series of controls and adjustments that allow the user to calibrate and improve the way it appears in video calls and videoconferencing.

In use with an iOS device, and with operating differences depending on the models, you can control and optimize the target, the mode of acquisition, autofocus or manual focus, resolution, audio and more. The adjustments can then be saved in presets.

It is also possible to apply transformations to the image, such as mirror effect, watermark, rotation or zoom.

Camo is designed to be compatible with a wide range of video communication apps, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Twitch and others. It is currently not compatible with FaceTime and Safari. Supports, such as browsers, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox, as well as numerous web apps.

L’app webcam Camo is available in a free edition, which has limits including 720p video resolution, and a paid one. For the latter, the developer offers subscription plans and also a perpetual license.

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