Google Images is the tool of the popular search engine where it is possible, for marketers, designers and other professional figures that have to do with visual communication, find inspiration and web pages useful to transform their ideas into real projects.

Sometimes, for this type of activity, giving life to your ideas requires the search for an image that you can actually use, for example if we are looking for a graphic or visual element to communicate a message, decorate a space or create something creative on the web.

However, with an apparently infinite number of images available online, finding the right image to use and, above all, knowing how to use that image in a legitimate and responsible way is not always a simple task.

Following this series of reasons, and after working closely with image makers, stock image providers and digital content associations, the Mountain View company has designed and is now launching several new features on Google Imma

These features are designed to make it much easier to find the right image to use than before, but also to know the guidelines on how to obtain a license for an image, whether for your business project or for your own business project.

First, Google has worked on simplifying the search for licensed images.

For the results in which the publisher or image maker provided information about the license, a badge will be displayed in Google Images that highlights it.

When the user selects to display an image with a badge, a link will be shown to access the details of the image license and, if provided by the editor, a link where you can purchase or obtain the image under license.

You can also filter the results so that the search engine returns only those images that include license information.

Then, you can now select images that have Creative Commons licenses or those that have commercial or other licenses, in the specific Google Images drop-down menu. For any license type, you can learn how to acquire it for the image, simply by clicking on the link to the details.

The latest updates are part of a long work that Google has carried out over the years on enhancing the search for images, not only from the point of view of content but also, in fact, licenses, as well as credit, copyright, creators and others

On Google’s webmaster blog also explains to creators, publishers and image license owners how to show licensing information on Google Images.

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