How should the data center evolve in the face of the processing needs that are emerging on the perimeter of the network?

The idea that no data center exists if isolated may seem an obvious statement, since connectivity is a fundamental IT principle and is a key factor of choice for business decisions related to where to maintain your data center, i.e. whether to continue with internal or external management.

However, Stefano Mozzato, Country Manager of Vertiv in Italy, explains to us, to which we have addressed a series of questions, \l aspect of connectivity is not the only driver for the in-out choice, but becomes a priority There are various energy optimization technologies and in Italy too, solutions are beginning to adopt not only high efficiency but also designed and studied for data center-related applications.

From an energy point of view, Mozzato notes, two elements are needed to ensure continuity: Ups with batteries that guarantee sufficient autonomy, and generators to cope with long interruptions that provide continuity of heat removal to the infrastructure.

Read our dedicated page to deepen the theme of Ups

•The design techniques used once and based on overdimension – explains Mozzato – are no longer economical and sustainable.For this reason, the knowledge of the application and the use of intelligent products that are able to limit criticalities and distribute

To this Mozzato adds that \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ In countries where legislation allows, the user may make available to the electricity grid a specific amount of energy, power for a given period. In this way, the user, thanks to management logics developed to ensure continuity in every event, generates value without compromising the continuity of its systems.

With Mozzato then we analyze three themes: how to make the structures of edge dialogue with the center, how to control them and how to make the datacenter contemplate what happens on the front of the IoT.

What are the actions to make edge and data center dialogue correctly?

Managing large amounts of data close to use, this is what is happening more and more frequently and this is the primary need to ensure the quality of the service expected from customers. It is now a well established habit to access content on demand, television series and movies through data linking that can sometimes be a simple Adsl at 20Mb/s. As the number of customers accessing the same content asynchronously can vary from few These data centers can serve users scattered or concentrated in certain metropolitan or peripheral areas, ensuring the same experience. A data center Edge therefore demonstrates the characteristics of a medium-sized data center with the same need for continuity and operability. Vertiv is active in the development of technologies designed and developed to support this type of data center, which can morphologically be composed from one or two racks up to a few decades: the technological characteristics, the attention expected in the development and

The size becomes irrelevant as the need for continuity, reliability and efficiency remains unchanged; the user does not care about the size of the server farm that provides the service, but about the quality of the service.

What tools exist for controlling the

Let’s do our case. Vertiv has developed an Edge portfolio that offers channel partners a choice of solutions for flexible and fast implementation of Edge applications. Vertiv VR Rack is a solid and flexible rack that allows a quick implementation and is available in eight standard models, complete with a range of tool-less accessories that help to speed up implementation and facilitate rack management; Verti Finally, we have developed new thermal technologies for the needs of high-power processors. In addition, all Vertiv technologies can be connected to a Vertiv Life management centre, active 24/24 for 365 days to make continuity a guarantee.

In the IoT perspective, what are the actions to be considered in the immediate and future?

The immediacy of the data is the founding element of the Edge data center, a feature that is strongly integrated in the IoT world and that through new sensors allows to complete the user experience from the simple compartment of home automation to the world of retail. A clear example is the virtual dressing rooms, where today the customer is dressed without really wearing the required garment. To develop this new customer experience, investments are needed, no longer procastinate to maintain customer appellation, they serve IT infrastructures within the points of sale able to guarantee reliability and speed of implementation, as well as modularity and flexibility.

These technologies are based on standardised modular architectures, able to adapt to the growing demand for capacity and technological advances of the next generation.

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