It was only possible to do this in the web version before but now you can create and display tasks, tasks, in Google Calendars even in apps for iPhone and Android mobile devices.

For iPhone users who rely on the Big G cloud platform for their daily productivity, it is now possible to add and keep an eye on their calendar activities (in the Google Calendar app), keeping visibility on what to do and when to do

This feature is now available on both iOS and Android but, being the roll out gradually, as usually happens for Google app and service releases, it may take a few more days before you see it in your app.

Let’s see how to create a new activity in Google Calendar on iPhone.

First, open the Google Calendar app from the iOS Home screen.

2. Tap on the circular button with the most (+) in the bottom right corner of the screen.

3. In the popup menu that is displayed, in addition to Objective, Reminder and Event is now also the new Activity option. So tap on Activity.

4. In the next screen fill out the fields of your new activity. First, name the task and add details that describe it. Then select the date and, if the option is not activated All day, the time. You can set the frequency (replay) to Not repeat or on every day, week, month and year; you can also customize it. Finally, you can choose which task list the new should be added to.

5. When task information is compiled as you wish, tap Save to add the new task.

The task just added is displayed by Google Calendar on the date that was set for that task. Google Calendar also displays tasks created in Tasks or other Google apps.

If you cannot see tasks in calendar tabs, check the sidebar of Google Calendar (which opens with a touch on the hamburger menu) that the Task box is on.

With a tap on the single task you can open the tab to view details and, if you wish, edit them; as well as to mark the task as completed.

In the latter case, the activity remains visible in Google Calendar on the set date, but the title will be barred.

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