The integration between the Google Workspace productivity environment and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite for creative professionals makes it possible to make team collaboration more efficient, especially when working remotely.

This technological integration is achieved thanks to the Adobe Creative Cloud Add-on for Google Workspace, which provides the flexibility of Creative Cloud Libra in Gmail, Google Documents and Presentations.

Let’s see how to take advantage of the Adobe Creative Cloud add-on in two of Google Workspace’s most used apps: Gmail and Documents.

Let’s start with Gmail, keeping in mind that our example refers to a personal Google account. If you use a Google enterprise account, the admin will enable l”add-on.

Inside Gmail (clearly after logging in with our account), we click the Install Add-ons button in the right sidebar: it is marked with + (plus) icon.

The Google Workspace Marketplace screen opens. Here, it is likely that the Adobe Creative Cloud add-on is already on the surface. If not, we’ll search it with the search box.

Once you have identified the Adobe Creative Cloud add-on, we open its tab and click Install.

The installation procedure leads us through some steps that also provide for authentication. Integration involves an exchange of information about our accounts between the two platforms, Google and Adobe. We therefore consult well the terms presented in these screens, to be aware of the integration modalities and to make sure that we agree with their application.

In the right sidebar of Gmail you can now see the Adobe Creative Cloud Add-on icon for Google Workspace.

When we compose a new message, the Creative Cloud icon is also available in the bottom toolbar. This allows you to browse Creative Cloud Files and Libraries to insert a resource from the Adobe cloud (with the Insert button) into a message.

Please note, however, that the message is not attached to a file, but a public link to the asset and anyone who has access to it can view the linked content and intervene on it with signs, comments and more, follow the activity and save on Creative Cloud. Let’s keep it in mind, because at the moment l’add-on only supports public sharing of links to Creative Cloud resources. Before using this tool, we must therefore be sure to understand well the functioning of the public sharing of Creative Cloud and that this method is appropriate for the use we must make of it.

In addition to sharing a link, integration also works in the opposite direction: the Adobe Add-on for Google Workspace is also able to detect any assets attached to a Gmail incoming message, to allow you to select and save them

The Adobe add-on, always selecting the Creative Cloud icon in the right sidebar, allows you to access the Creative Cloud Libraries also from Google Documents, for example to insert a graphical resource in a document

You can also do the opposite: add a graphics from a Google Docs document to a Creative Cloud library, as well as create a new library.

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