Apple Pay is the digital payment system of Cupertino’s company, which allows you to pay on sites and apps, with Apple devices enabled, and in physical stores that support it, via iPhone and Apple Watch: on iPhone (so

Let’s see how to add a card to the Wallet app on iPhone with iOS 13 (to be exact, iOS 13.5.1).

• First, open the Wallet app from your iPhone’s Home screen.

• On the iOS Wallet app’s home screen, tap on the + (plus) top right, or Add, to add a credit or debit card to Wallet.

• Wallet shows an information sheet on Apple Pay’s main features and a summary of how Apple collects information: if you want to know more about this important aspect, tap on the link that will open a screen with more detailed explanations about Apple Pay and the If you intend to proceed with the addition of the paper in Wallet, tap Continue.

• In the next step, two options may be available to proceed with. The first allows you to add a card that you use down (or used) in the Apple ecosystem. For example, a card associated with Apple ID or that you saved in iTunes or App Store, or that had been added to Apple Pay earlier, either in the same or in another of your devices. In this case, just enter the CVV security code. Alternatively, tap Add another card if the card you wish to add to Wallet is not the one proposed by the app.

• If you have touched on Add another card in the previous step (or you have not proposed a card already used), Wallet allows you to add a card in two ways: scanning it (just point the camera of the menuPhone

• In both cases, you then proceed to confirm and complete the card data and, once you have confirmed to accept the terms of use, Wallet configures and adds the card (if your bank or issuing institution requests it, there may be some transactions to be done or information

• At the end of the procedure, Wallet allows you to check the card via a text message or email message. After verification, the card is activated in Wallet for Apple Pay.

If you have more cards in Wallet, you can organize them by tapping, holding down and dragging the card to the desired position. To choose the card you want to use by default, drag it in front of all other cards.

Several iOS apps of banks or credit card issuing institutions allow you to add a card to Apple Pay: this could be an alternative way to do so.

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