2020 has accelerated digital transformation for all and it is expected that it will not go back very soon: thanks to this technology-enabled acceleration, 2021 will be a launch pad for all kinds of changes.

It is the opinion not of any one, but of Werner Vogels, Vice President and CTO of Amazon, who on the blog of the company shared some of the areas where new technologies will have the greatest impact.

1. The cloud everywhere

The days when the cloud’s capabilities were centralized in data centers are rapidly disappearing, Vogels asserts. Today, the cloud is accessible almost everywhere and it is not only the scope that counts, but also the speed of connections. For example, 5G technology extends to the edge of networks and allows you to do a real calculation work on the network perimeter.

This is important, says Amazon’s manager, because the activities can now begin to take place where the results are most needed. For example, cars without drivers become real, you can have more natural conversations with services like Alexa and factories, homes and offices become more efficient and resilient.

2. L

More data is generated in one hour than has been created in the whole of 2000 and more will be created over the next three years than has been created in the last 30 years. In 2020 we had a taste of this growing data curve, with scientific researchers, pharmaceutical companies, governments and health institutions that have concentrated every resource in the development of vaccines, new treatments and other means to help the world’s population stay healthy during the pandemic These efforts required the generation and processing of large amounts of data. The only realistic way to manage all the information and make sense of all this data is to use ingestion and aggregation tools combined with machine learning models. No wonder, Werner Vogels stresses, that machine learning became mainstream in 2020.

In 2021, according to Vogels, we will see an accelerated adoption of machine learning models in industry and government institutions. In manufacturing, machine learning will be integrated into production lines and can detect production anomalies in real time. In agriculture, machine learning models will help operators to manage intelligently the most valuable resources, such as soil and water. For parts of the world where small farmers are the majority, for example throughout Southeast Asia and Africa, to insert machine learning models into new applications and collect data closer to the edge will have a revolutionary impact to help increase yields of

3. The images, video and audio

Werner Vogels recalls that he spoke a few years ago about the death of the keyboard due to the rapid growth of voice-activated computer science and the increase of user interfaces that allow humans to communicate with machines in a more natural way. In the months and years ahead, Amazon’s CTO expects keyboards to continue to be extinguished progressively, with the evolution of technology.

Last year people communicated more and more through audio, video and images. As a result, the amount of text we consume on our screens is reduced as we use more multimedia to communicate. Companies that want to remain relevant to their customers must be very aware of these evolving habits rather than expect customers to interact with their products and services through a keyboard, mouse or other mechanical modes. When it comes to building relationships and transactions with a brand, customers want to do what is natural for them. Therefore, companies should explore this shift to user interface systems such as voice and other forms of audio and video communication.

4. Physical and digital transformation

2020 has brought social distance, and this in turn has led us to rethink the way we live our cities: many of the places we live and work in have been built on decades of hypothesis (if not centuries, depending on where we live) that according to

With the help of advanced data analytics, Vogels thinks we will begin to understand how to design our cities with the advantages of physical space but without the feeling of being separated. Planning will consider how to make communities healthier and safer, rather than simply more dense and efficient. In a true convergence between digital and physical.

5. Distance learning

Technology, and access to it, played a huge role in the education of children during this pandemic. 2021, according to Vogels, will demonstrate that distance learning can work, could be an even better option for some and can have a positive and more persistent role in education. There is no need for a global health crisis to make sense of online lessons, says Amazon’s CTO, which sees positive aspects in having remote learning (and work) options available, while thinking that young people should go back to class

6. Small businesses and technology

With massive change, small businesses will start using advanced cloud technology to reach their customers, says Werner Vogels, who also believes that we will see a boom in technologies and service providers that target small businesses. In turn, this will help small businesses improve in many areas, from chatbot creation to customer relations management systems.

The trend \Cloud everywhere \\ described above is enabling this change, along with the experience that most small businesses have faced in the last year. In many cases, the difference between surviving or not surviving has been the ability to exploit technology. This trend will expand globally, according to Amazon executive, and especially in countries in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Africa, such as Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.

7. The quantum computing

There is no doubt that we are at the very beginning of this new approach to computer science, Werner Vogels points out, but Amazon is already among the top companies on quantum computing. Vogels says when companies and institutions start experimenting with quantum computing for the first time, and when this expertise starts to go beyond the academic world, we’ll see business plans and the first ideas of products and services focused on a future.

8. The last frontier: space

Amazon has long launched the service called AWS Ground Station, which allows you to control satellite communications, process data and scale operations without having to worry about building or managing the infrastructure of a ground station.

By making access to the space workable and convenient for each developer, Werner Vogels is sure that we will see in the years to come a number of innovations that will help us grow and prosper.

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