The automation of IT systems and infrastructures has become today the main priority of companies, struggling with the increasing speed, scalability and complexity of cloud, hybrid and multicloud environments.

Businesses must be able to adopt an IT automation platform, share it and re-use it between projects and teams with the right level of governance and control, as well as be able to apply the new infrastructure as Code (IaC) paradigms.

You need an easy-to-use enterprise automation platform that combines simplicity and modularity with skill and scalability for a secure automation that generates greater efficiency and productivity.

With methodological indications based on the Ansible Automation Platform and concrete applications cases a webinar, organized by Red Hat, world-wide provider of open source enterprise software solutions and its partner and system integrator Italian Vista Technology, will explain:

• Cos • is l • IT automation and because today is the most correct and complete response to complex management

• How to get full visibility on operations

• How to reduce the response time to business demands

• Why security vulnerabilities are overcome with a homogeneous and distributed infrastructure

• How to standardize business group operating models by managing infrastructure as if they were software code

Webinar is moderated by Dario Colombo by 01net • New Business Media

with the training interventions of Marco Fagotto • Cloud Solution Architect by Red Hat

and Andrea Vivaldi • DevOps Architect di Vista Technology


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