Blackbird is a platform that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning and interdisciplinary human intelligence to combat misinformation and protect the reputation of companies and organizations.

A blog article on the Blackbird website highlights that misinformation should not be considered as a fake news only, but as a growing threat to cybersecurity.

Many people might think that cybersecurity has little to do with misinformation, which is a more important matter for legal teams, marketing or brands who have to worry about social media trolls that post harmful or completely false information on a

But according to the article, the cybersecurity community should realize that misinformation can cause major security problems.

This can happen when an organisation or community of the company users receives false security information or is deceived, usually through phishing or other social engineering methods, to give information that should not come out outside the organization.

And that it is therefore time for cybersecurity teams to understand that they are in the best position to fight a disinformation campaign aimed at their organization.

Blackbird’s artificial intelligence platform provides companies and government organisations with automated defensive and offensive capabilities to defend themselves against a new generation of misinformation-driven cyber threats.

It is a solution designed for established companies and companies that are building their own brands, as well as government agencies that provide a public service.

A solution that has as its mission to defend the digital authenticity. Because unplanned communication and manipulation can cloud what an organization represents and how it is perceived. And thus compromise the online integrity of an organization and even the business of a company.

According to Blackbird, the company’s information must be in its integrity. By protecting their reputation, an organization protects its mission and its user communities. And what people tell about an organization should be based on what it has done and on the impact it has had, not on manipulation and misinformation.

Blackbird software works on the context: it is based on digital risk intelligence that includes threats like a network, not as a isolated player, treating the multitude of misinformation threats.

The solution goes beyond the insights to predict potential attacks on human perception, so that you can make an informed choice about optimization of strategy and response for future attacks.

Blackbird’s Constellation Engine is enhanced by technology that analyzes complex relationships between billions of data points quickly, overcoming the growth of potential threats.

And real-time threat detection proactively identifies the most urgent, toxic or dangerous threats and how close they are to such risks.

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