To help brands truly understand the purchase preferences of each individual customer and offer convincing customer experiences, Adobe has announced a series of B2B innovations for Experience Cloud.

The context is where, according to Adobe, B2B brands that want to create long-term relationships with their customers and offer impact experiences must show a deep understanding of each individual within the account.

Moreover, as organizations in all sectors expand and find new opportunities for both consumer and professional growth, the challenge is to have a unique vision of a person with whom you have more relationships through different business lines.

With the availability of the B2B edition of Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP), the data of people and first-party accounts from multiple Adobe and non-Adobe sources are combined in one single view for

Adobe has also announced a B2P (Business-to-Person) edition of Adobe Real-time CDP.

This offers brands that target both end consumers and industry professionals a single offer to unify and activate their customer profiles. This new offer allows brands to know whether a consumer customer is also a business customer and to create experiences based on one, the other or both contexts.

Thus, according to Californian company, Adobe Real-time CDP B2P Edition enables new opportunities to provide more holistic experiences for these individuals, cross-selling offers and loyalty.

Since more and more B2B buyers are looking for a customized shopping experience, Product Recommendations for Adobe Commerce can now be set to support a wide range of B2B needs and strategies.

Adobe Commerce’s merchants can now implement intelligent product suggestions that take into account prices and sets.

Since Product Recommendations is enhanced by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, it greatly reduces the need to create manual rules and frees time to focus on other priorities, such as optimizing suggestions to increase rates of

With the latest improvements of Experience Manager Forms, B2B brands can easily insert new suppliers through digital workflows and electronic signatures, greatly reducing manual work and ensuring a highly secure and friction-free enrollment process.

With Adobe Experience Manager Forms as a Cloud Service, documents requiring electronic signatures can now be included in any site built with Experience Manager Sites to ensure that the experiences of filling out forms and electronic signatures are consistent

In addition, for organizations that require greater security, Experience Manager Forms now allows users to provide their identification documents issued by the government to safely authenticate their electronic signatures through Adobe Sign.

Finally, Adobe Marketo Engage’s new-generation user experience began rolling out early this year and includes a new design consistent with Adobe Experience Cloud.

Users will see an updated tree menu to access all campaigns, workflows and resources, a new global navigation, as well as improved performance and productivity improvements.

By this year, Adobe Marketo Engage’s new enterprise customers will be able to use Adobe user credentials to access Adobe Marketo Engage, which simplifies administration across Adobe Experience

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