Adobe Experience Platform is the enterprise platform launched last year by San Jose company that allows brands to put together data from all over the company to provide digital experiences in real time and on a scale for customer jour

New partnerships with brands such as Genesys, ICF Next, Medallia, Merkle and SundaySky have made it possible to integrate customer experience intelligence post-transational into Adobe Experience Platform.

Through the Tally loyalty platform of ICF Next, for example, brands can add transactional customer data such as past purchases, cancellations, stays, point prizes and refunds.

For example, if a client was on vacation during a period when travellers were forced to return home because of the pandemic, ICF Next can store information about his experience to better understand the tone and messaging for future interactions.

Adobe’s interaction data is also reported in Tally, improving the ability to generate loyalty to the brand’s most valuable customers at all real-time contact points.

With most of the activities now being digitally conducted, companies are challenged to ensure the new scale and speed required to meet customers’ expectations for custom service. This requires that all customer data while interacting with companies are acquired and understood, yet this rarely happens, Adobe points out, even when systems are connected.

Adobe and Genesys, one of the leading customer experience providers, have joined forces to help organizations connect an individual’s intent with the marketing and contact center stories.

By combining the real-time customer profile of Adobe Experience Platform with Genesys’s insights and orchestration capabilities, companies can predict the needs of each consumer and respond in the right way, so that customers

Medallia improves customer experience through its customer experience platform.

If, for example, a customer uses the pickup truck on the sidewalk for his purchase in a store and reports a good or bad experience, the store manager receives a notification on the app on his mobile phone with textual comments based on Medallia systems and on the

Marketers can allow enhanced and customized consumption experiences with loyalty programs. A clothing dealer using Merkle’s loyalty platform, for example, may know that a customer has changed the preferences of the product due to the recent transition to home work and is now looking for a more casual look, from home.

And thanks to seamless data sharing with Adobe Experience Platform, the offers for these products can become the focus of the next email of the brand or the “ad” in the mobile app.

SundaySky is a video experience platform that enhances and transforms relationships between customers and brands. Drawing on the intelligence of Adobe’s Real-Customer Profile, which includes loyalty data, call centers and customer feedback from other Adobe partners, SundaySky is able to dynamically provide custom videos

With the integration of SundaySky with Adobe Experience Platform, brands can activate their data in large-scale custom video experiences to meet the needs of consumers, while enriching the customer profile with analytics of the ics

In today’s difficult environment, Adobe highlights, companies struggle to manage mountains of customer data, stored in different and unarticulated systems, which make it difficult for them to really understand and respond to the interests and needs of the consumer.

As a wide range of problems can impact customer service demands, brand response, loyalty and interactions, companies need to better position themselves in this area, Adobe’s opinion, in order to respond to challenges both before and after sales

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