At the 5G Lab in Verizon, New York City, ThirdEye recently showed a promising case of using new generation mobile technology.

ThirdEye is a company specializing in the creation of smart glasses for augmented and mixed reality. These smart glasses, explains ThirdEye, require a high bandwidth to transfer the large amount of data required by the Mixed/Augmented Reality. This is now possible in a much more fluid way, with 5G networks.

With a 5G network, smart glasses can download most of the workload on the network’s edge. This is due to increased bandwidth and reduced latency. The fact that much of the workload is handled on the edge allows ThirdEye, continues the company, to reduce the weight and price of the glasses. This is very important, since the weight and overall dimensions of these devices have so far limited their adoption.

The thirdEye’s mixed reality glasses allow, for example, the first rescuers to view a live feed from drones. Or, to view other important information in augmented reality, directly in their field of vision, remaining with free hands.

ThirdEye’s smart glasses also integrate object recognition capabilities. There are many possible cases of use in the field, of virtual reality systems, mixed and increased of this type.

The 5G Lab of Verizon

The 5G Lab in Verizon in New York is the place where the US telecom provider works and experiments on 5G. Technology on which the provider has been working for a long time, and with several partners.

Recently, at the 5G Lab in Verizon, ThirdEye showed a 5G case of use with smart glasses in combination with the company’s AR/MR software. Together, devices and software can contribute concretely to creating a new era of handless interaction with l’edge computing.

By wearing smart glasses, users can interact directly with the surrounding objects or with the digital information placed in their field of vision. We have seen, in recent times, how there are already many cases of increased reality use for companies. However, factors such as kinetosis and headset size, which reduce comfort, are barriers to large-scale use. In addition to the cost of such devices.

As with ThirdEye, even Verizon has the potential to transform this scenario. Combining high bandwidth and low latency of 5G, to the power of mobile edge computing.

According to ThirdEye, the real turning point offered by 5G lies in latency. The 5G features allow you to manage the huge amount of data needed for live video streaming and 3D real-time models of augmented reality applications.

This has the potential to transform the work of companies, workers in the field and professionals. But also to transform the experiences of communication, collaboration and entertainment of consumer users.

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