Hmd Connect Pro is the new industrial and IIoT connectivity solution designed by Hdm Global.

With Hmd Connect Pro, companies can get large amounts of SIM cards, simplify the operation related to roaming connectivity needs and benefit from a centralized management console for the entire fleet of Sim Hmd Connect Pro cards.

By further diversifying the company’s services, Connect Pro provides businesses with an easier way to keep smartphones and other business devices connected. It is a comprehensive service for organisations seeking secure and transparent global roaming coverage.

Hmd’s solution provides centralized SIM management, ensuring cost control and fraud prevention, with information on data usage and real-time diagnostics for optimal problem resolution. It also ensures flexibility, transparent and cost-effective billing and a simple yet effective SIM management console, with rates that meet the needs of each company, regardless of the number of countries in which it operates.

With over 600 networks in more than 160 countries, Hmd Connect Pro offers global coverage for flexible roaming charges worldwide, avoiding the challenges that companies might face. 4G/LTE support together with 2G and 3G, where necessary, will meet the connectivity needs for corporate use or for the implementation of the IoT.

In addition, total transparency on costs and competitive price models guarantee maximum tranquility of spending: you pay according to your use, adapting the platform to meet your needs, regardless of the frequency with which they change, and benefiting from the maximum flexibility.

The browser-based centralized management console offers the complete control over the fleet of Hmd Connect Pro SIMs, allowing you to manage all the elements of each single SIM

Alerts and actions, in addition to notifications for aspects of primary importance; live diagnostics for an overview of the system and a simple problem resolution at any time, activation and suspension of each SIM with a simple click • LMEI lock sends a notification if the SIM is inserted into another device.

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