Hitachi Vantara has digital transformation in its DNA, so we are the ideal technological partner to support businesses and public administration towards digitalization. The PNRR is also an extraordinary opportunity to relaunch the Italian economy as well as to transform the development of digital citizenship of companies and citizens.

These are the words with which Salvatore Turchetti, Country Manager Hitachi Vantara Italia, has clarified the strategy with which society is moving and will move in the coming months in our country.

Recovery Plan, digitisation and ecological transition

The Recovery Plan (National Plan of Resistance and Resilience, PNRR) will facilitate the digital modernisation of the country’s communication infrastructures, in the Public Administration and in the production system, and the ecological and digital transition of the Italian industrial fabric.

For Hitachi, companies will therefore increasingly need to rely on reliable technology partners and innovative solutions such as Hitachi to make the best use of the funds allocated and accompany the processes of digitalisation and ecological transition.

As Marco Tesini said, Vice President & General Manager Southern Europe of Hitachi Vantara. •Thanks to recent global acquisitions, Hitachi Vantara can now offer even more to the market the right mix of innovative digital skills and solutions useful to Italian companies, from public to private, to better seize the opportunities offered by

Among the latest strategic acquisitions of Hitachi is that of GlobalLogic, whose skills, combined with those of Lumada of Hitachi, will allow to widen the wide range of digital solutions helping customers and companies to meet the needs of an increasingly more

Hitachi Vantara in Italy

Despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, Hitachi Vantara Italy recorded double-digit growth in the last fiscal year ending on 31 March 2021.

Thanks to new companies that have chosen Hitachi Vantara solutions and the reconfirmation of great historical customers of the public administration, manufacturing, energy, telecommunications and financial services sectors, the Italian branch has strengthened the presence on the market for the infrastructural solutions, with the

For the current fiscal year the objective is the constant focus on the Enterprise and Public Administration markets, continuing to support the digital transformation that represents the development of our economic system.

With the arrival of the new products presented in the last year, the Italian branch has also decided to focus further on the midmarket on which it invested in the creation of a dedicated team, extending its ability to provide solutions.

Hitachi Vantara is also strengthening its As a Service offering through the Everflex proposal.

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