Hitachi Vantara certainly does not need presentations, and only a high-tech reality is enabling communication between edge, cloud and core.

Marco Tesini, VP South Europe Hitachi Vantara, was the next and present draft of the Japanese company.

Even in such complex times, under the strong pressure of the pandemic by Covid-19, Hitachi stands out for the happy union of solidity and visionary abilities.

Moreover, we do not reach over 100 years of history without deep roots and strength to grow, there in this case translate into almost 300,000 employees globally, and a cash flow capacity that has sheltered from the storm also economic generated by coronavirus.

Hitachi is active in all verticals or almost, and the IT segment is the most important part of it. As Tesini has remarked, it is a consequence of the innovative and technological DNA of Japanese society.

Global challenges add up and create considerable impediments: epidemics, pollution, cybercrime are just some of the most important.

Technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning and ultra-wide bandwidth connectivity are among the keys to solving these problems: all weapons that are part of the innovative Hitachi Vantara arsenal

For companies it is increasingly important to reorganise their processes in a digital key: digital transformation is no longer possible to postpone.

Those who have married this concept have already benefited from it, undoubtedly exacerbated by the demands of the new normal imposed by Covid-19.

Tesini, however, warns that failure in transformation is possible and very dangerous.

To prevent this from happening, data management is first and foremost crucial.

Compared to just a few years ago, the data are completely destructured and disseminated in heterogeneous environments. The concept of central servers has gone down, and the edge computing is quickly established, according to Hitachi Vantara

Data governance and access to data therefore play a central role in the success (or failure) of a digital transformation. Only 20% of the time, continues the manager is dedicated to the monetization of data: the remaining 80% of the time is wasted in the search of the desired data, moreover not accessible to all.

To manage and maneuver data, they must be competent persons. The shortage skill makes you feel, in this case, all your negative weight.

Investing in training and reskilling is a must for all realities.

The same Hitachi Vantara has never stopped (now less than ever) to digitally transform itself, even through high-profile partnerships, such as those with Cisco, AWS, Google Cloud, Oracle, Azure and V

Thanks to this approach, Japanese society stands alongside companies in creating an Edge to core to cloud path. A strategy that is pursued by maximizing existing infrastructure: modernising data centers, accelerating multi-cloud, and at the same time enabling edge computing and IoT, thanks to artificial intelligence.

This leads to DataOps: in the wake of DevOps, making the most of data and easily can guarantee a real boost to the growth of organizations.

Simplicity is a key factor: only by guaranteeing qualified access to data even to people with no particular computer skills can you maximize your business performance.

The evolution is guided by precise strategies and ideas.

First, strengthen the ability to manage data and information in data centers in private cloud modes, while at the same time making the most of data in the public cloud. Hitachi Vantara then aims to help customers approach the public cloud in a structured way.

In addition, the recent acquisition of Containership enables multicloud management in agility.

Infrastructure is gradually moving towards software-defined, and Hitachi is preparing to enter this area as well.

A circle that closes with the management of Hybrid Cloud data services.

The market continues to reward the strategies proposed: Italian turnover has grown by 17% and worldwide numbers are well above the market average: for example, the Data Center Modernization component has increased by 18%.

In Italy, the most important vertical markets are media and telco, industry, public administration, finance, and energy and utility.

Synthesizing, all those segments where it is important to manage data at 360 degrees, are edge, core or data center.

Thanks to the Everflex program, Hitachi Vantara customers can know and program the costs of their data infrastructure with precision.

A plastic and agile solution, also supported by financial services such as Low start plan: only 10% of the amount is paid in 2020, the rest in 3 years and without interest. A clear example of how society fully understood the difficulties of companies, which were heavily affected by the recession generated by Covid-19.

You can also suspend payments for 6-12 months, giving further breath to the (often exangui) finance of many companies.

Finally, we also mention the buyback program: Hitachi buys pre-existing infrastructure, including competitors, preserving the investment of the customer and encouraging him to migrate to new solutions.

A sum of economic support and support measures that prove in concrete terms how Tesini has repeatedly remarked: the deep sense of responsibility of Hitachi Vantara, when a leading group at world level, towards the objective difficulties of a large number of customers and prospects

The Hitachi at Home solution is also introduced. An essential function, given the vast diffusion of smart working, which allows access to data from any location ensuring its total security and synchronizing data with all other collaborators.

Hitachi Vantara guarantees a 90-day trial period: strong awareness of how many organizations have literally been in a few hours to manage the remote work of their employees.

Hitachi Vantara offers all its knowledge bases until July 31 in a totally free way, to speed up and enable the training and preparation of anyone who wants to invest in himself and his resources.

The Japanese company also offers high quality insights, aimed at making the most of the customer’s resources. This means that the resources available can be invested accurately and effectively.

Thanks to this, over 500 customers worldwide have managed to achieve their goals more than satisfactorily.

Finally, the relationship with partners is strategic to the growth of Hitachi Vantara, thanks to the knowledge of the territory and customers that add to the technologies provided. Two values that add up and enable each other, in a win-win relationship of considerable scope.

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