Halo is the IoT platform of Checkpoint Systems that offers an intelligent solution for connected retail.

The company explains that the Checkpoint platform differs from many IoT platforms, which promote dashboards and inventory solutions. Halo provides unique intelligent solutions and focuses on targeted action suggestions.

Halo’s goal is to ensure maximum efficiency in the shortest time. By speeding up the shipping and receiving processes at every stage of the supply chain.

• Halo is able to automatically generate tasks to operators throughout the chain and in store, favoring an increase in productivity in the reception, back stocking and restorating of high selling products, to maximize sales Explains Phil Fisher, product manager of Halo.

From supply chain to retail

The Halo platform collects event-related data, through all connected sensors present within the supply chain and in the retail store. These data are then stored, processed and analyzed in real time, to provide targeted insights and transformed into actions. The latter are then displayed via the Halo portal and transformed into task suggestions to be undertaken directly on the mobile devices of the staff.

This allows users to view key events, take conscious actions and adopt behaviors that can increase processes and improve performance. Organisational activities and mobile alerts can be generated automatically, either by machine learning and artificial intelligence, or by manual insertion.

Checkpoint provides vertically integrated solutions for the prevention of theft, electronic surveillance of articles, IoT hardware and software products. The Halo platform is an intelligent solution to track and protect all products.

Thanks to Microsoft Azure support, the platform is easily implemented, usable, adaptable, flexible, safe and with an excellent value for money.

How Halo supports connected retail

Vertically integrated solutions for the Checkpoint Systems retail are based on the company’s decades of experience. Experience that also builds on Halo. The combination of real-time, programmed and predictive actions, driven by multiple sensors at a point of sale, goes beyond a simple dashboard. And it provides retailers with real tasks that improve the customer’s buying experience and maximize sales.

Rfid solutions help retailers improve the accuracy of inventory counting and increase the availability of shelf products. This also helps to offer the customer an optimal shopping experience, while maximizing profitability.

The Rfid warehouse solutions then increase the accuracy of the inventory already in distribution centers. This increases efficiency, reduces the number of errors in shipments and also supports faster multichannel delivery. And this, in turn, allows you to offer unique omnichannel experiences to your customers.

The collection of real-time data generated by the multiple sensors present at a point of sale helps the retailer to provide the customer with a better service. As well as an optimized customer experience, while minimizing the number of losses.

The intelligent software platform Halo helps retailers to locate and track stocks. By ensuring more accurate inventories with the result of reducing losses and increasing investment. The solution supports retailers from supply chain control to distribution center and inventory management. From shop operations to omnichannel support to threat prevention.

More information about the Halo solution from Checkpoint Systems is available at this link.

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