Hachi, a company specializing in cutting-edge robotic solutions that allow consumers to build smart living ecosystems enhanced by artificial intelligence, announced the official launch of its first projector enabled by IA, Hachi Infinite M1.

Already available for purchase on Amazon and Hachi site for the price of $999, the smart portable projector transforms any flat surface into an interactive touchscreen up to 1

Hachi presented the device at the beginning of this year at Ces 2020, where it was received with great success and selected as Ces 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree. By incorporating deep learning technology combined with high precision sensors to allow image recognition, gesture recognition and skeleton recognition, Hachi Infinite M1 offers artificial intelligence-based education, fitness and cooking functions.

These artificial intelligence integrations differentiate Hachi Infinite M1 on the market and make it a unique device at the moment, since HCI and AI functions provide an unusual and very interesting level of advanced interaction and a unique and unprecedented user experience

Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670, an advanced CPU with a multi-core AI engine and a new hardware framework for projectors, Hachi Infinite M1 features built-in Android OS 9.0 and a The video projector, complete with voice control functions, dual 5 W speakers, 8 Mpixel camera, bidirectional microphone and wireless association on iOS and Android devices, also allows large screen video calls for

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