Intel Corporation announced that it has acquired Habana Labs, an Israeli company specialized in the development of computing platforms for data centers optimized for the acceleration of deep neural network training and the deployment of artificial intelligence inference

The transaction has a value of about 2 billion dollars, he informed Intel, and has the aim to further strengthen the (already rich) portfolio of artificial intelligence of the Santa Clara company.

Above all, the combination of the technologies and know-how of the two companies will accelerate, says Intel, the commitment and efforts of the company in the emerging silicon market linked to artificial intelligence. A market that is growing rapidly and that Intel expects will exceed $25 billion by 2024.

Specifically, Habana Labs’ solutions (of which Intel Capital was an investor before the acquisition) will enhance Intel’s artificial intelligence offers for data centers, thanks to a family of high-level training processors

It is also interesting to highlight the ideas that Intel offers, in presenting the acquisition, on its vision and strategy in the field of artificial intelligence. Intel’s strategy in the industry is based on the firm’s belief that exploiting the power of artificial intelligence to really improve business results requires a broad mix of technology, both hardware and software, and full support of an ecosystem. Intel’s artificial intelligence solutions are already helping customers to transform data into business value and generate significant revenue for the company.

In 2019, Intel plans to generate more than $3.5 billion revenue generated by artificial intelligence, with an increase of more than 20% on an annual basis. Together, Intel and Habana Labs can accelerate delivery of high-performance artificial intelligence products for data centers, responding to the continuous and impetuous customer evolution needs.

Habana, Intel explained, will remain an independent business unit, will continue to be guided by its current management and will report to the Data Platforms Group of Intel. Habana’s president, Avigdor Willenz, has agreed to offer his services as senior advisor for both business unit and Intel. Habana will also continue to be based in Israel, where Intel already has a significant presence and a long history of investment.

Among Habana’s products, the purpose-built processor for Gaudi training and Goya inference processor that, together, offer a rich, powerful and easy to program development environment, which helps customers implement and differentiate the

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