How do we do marketing automation and how do we achieve the right balance between automated and human touch assistance? We explain it in a white paper on the customer experience, downloadable for free.

How is it possible to create an end-to-end experience that makes the customer feel unique and satisfied?

First, it is necessary to overcome a multichannel logic and start the transition towards a strategic dimension central and data-driven customer, able to guarantee a high customization of the purchasing routes and to provide adequate answers at the right time.

By creating automated and customized paths for customers, you set the basis for long-term relationships and a high degree of loyalty: it is a strategy that crosses multiple digital channels and needs the right automated marketing tool such as customer engagement hubs

Download the Customer Experience Omnichannel Guide

The opportunities of omnichannel customer experience are immense, as well as the ability to use different touchpoints to build an effective customer journey, which also includes the quality of customer support based on a cloud contact center

But in all this data-based automation, how much does human contact still count?

The challenge is to strike the right balance between automated assistance and human touch, making these two communication assets coexist in a strategic and coherent way, according to the moment and to the specific need.

We invite you to download the White Paper •Customer Experience Omnichannel • the technologies to automate customer management, with a human touch • to start your journey to discover this essential topic to grasp and realize

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