Group Transcribe is the new free iOS app developed by Microsoft Garage that provides real-time transcription and translation for meetings and conversations in person.

Microsoft Garage, we remember, is the program for experimental projects of Redmond company that recently released also Journal, a free handwriting app enhanced by artificial intelligence.

And also at the foundation of Group Transcribe there is a cutting edge technology of language and voice based on artificial intelligence, thanks to which the app allows each participant to have a meeting (or conversation of another type) to use their device so that, through algorithms

To use the app, participants in the meeting or conversation start a shared session and each one uses the microphone of their smartphone to capture the speech and get a highly accurate transcription showing who said what in real time.

Having high quality recording of the conversation available, users can save themselves from taking notes and focus their attention on the contents of the meeting itself. Transcriptions are easy to share or reposition after the meeting has ended.

Users of Group Transcribe can also use real-time transcription to speak in different languages and make meetings more inclusive and productive.

Lupin supports about forty languages (including Lupin) in over 80 different local settings and allows deaf people, with hearing problems or non-native speakers, to participate more fully in the meetings following live transcription.

Microsoft Garage Group Transcribe Lupp for iPhone is available free of charge on Apple’s App Store: it requires iOS 12 and later versions and access to the microphone and network, to transcribe and translate the speech.

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