The Make It Happen event was the first organized by Group E, and was for the system integrator team the occasion to present itself to the industry and the press.

The new reality is born with solid foundations, being the synthesis of players who have long been active in the market and with great competence and presence on the territory.

This occasion, thanks to the participation of partners such as Check Point, Cisco, NetApp, VMWare, AWS and Veeam, has addressed the evolution that information technology has had over the years

Because of today’s situation, in fact, remote working, new working tools and their safety and investments in this field have quickly allowed companies to evolve digitally.

The current year has undoubtedly been challenging for everyone, but it has also offered a great opportunity to companies, that is to renew themselves from the digital point of view.

Stefano Zingoni, Co-Founder and Marketing Manager of Group E, welcomed the numerous participants in the virtual event, highlighting an indisputable fact: companies are no longer those of before, they have changed forever.

Since March 2020, they have suddenly had to change their way of working to continue their business. They have been tightened, but if they still exist today, it means they have reacted and adapted to the new rules of the game.

The CIOs of companies cannot think that, since they have invested large resources during lockdown, they have adequately equipped their companies for the future. Information technology offers organisations a huge spectrum of possibilities. T

These three major themes dominate the current IT landscape and the Group E works on them incessantly: multicloud, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence.

The union and integration of these issues will enable companies to take a step towards tomorrow.

According to Zingoni, IT is increasingly involved in business processes, which are influenced by the protection of people’s health, sustainability and consumption. Even when the virus stops scaring us, these three drivers will continue to drive the business of the companies and it is important to emphasize that IT is the infrastructure that supports them and the sap that sets them in motion.

To support companies to be an active part of their IT evolution is the objective of Group E. To do this we start from the data and where it is contained, i.e. data centers. The aim is to extend its scope and application to embrace the multicloud hybrid and allow all types of companies, of any size, to be at the same level.

The cloud now dominates the IT world. In 2020 the Italian cloud market will exceed 3 billion euros, up 21% compared to 2019 and is the main investment area for companies. In this context, the hybrid cloud is confirmed as the star, with a total of EUR 2 billion.

However, there seems to be no real multicloud strategy, i.e. the joint use of multiple cloud providers without the use of an on-premise server.

The main brake at the multicloud is its complexity and it is therefore necessary to develop vertical skills on different technologies, especially at the level of infrastructure.

The thread that follows every cloud theme, every technological innovation is the security of data and information. Cybersecurity is always being tested and is facing ever-increasing dangers in this period. Recent research shows that, as remote working increases, the volume of cyber attacks has increased significantly.

Security is fundamental and the digital transformation and evolution that Group E aims to facilitate must necessarily take place in full safety. There are too many and too many values at stake: the intangible assets of companies, their history, their secrets, their customers’ confidential data, their people’s sensitive data and these must be adequately protected.

Security can be anticipated and act in time is now the winning weapon to defeat threats, and thus neutralize them even before they manifest themselves. Group E, using innovative security techniques, has created a SOC called Cyber Defence that uses the best technologies on the market to address most cyber attacks.

The SOC adapts to the customer’s structure because the goal is to enhance the investments that the customer has made, not replacing those made in the past but helping to improve them more and more.

As Stefano Davitti, CEO of Group E, recalled, the IT world has become complex, increasingly integrated with the rest of the company, with a strategic, central role, in many cases apical and increasingly connected with the industrial world. Data is increasingly more and more important and it is increasingly crucial to manage them correctly and, above all, to protect them.

Here comes into play the compliance that is the adaptation of the company to legal standards, such as the GDPR, or international standards to ensure, in the case of IT companies, the quality of data security and that there is an adequate process that manages it.

The ultimate aim is to ensure the company’s necessary response capabilities to shocks and resilience.

The data can be of different types (personal, banking, medical) and it is the legislator who defines them according to their sensitivity.

Davitti has insisted on compliance: every IT project, whether infrastructural or application, concerns data and therefore has compliance implications that need to be managed. It is an expensive but necessary process and it bears fruit, concludes Group E.

A successful GDPR or compliance project has several ingredients. The first is to see compliance as a way of bringing a benefit to the company, not just as yet another fulfillment. Another key element is the involvement of the CEO as compliance affects virtually all areas of the company. A last winning weapon is the multidisciplinary approach to the subject: it is good that compliance projects involve not only the legal office and the IT department but also human resources, internal communication, marketing. A cross-cutting approach speeds up projects and avoids costly changes of route.

Group E, focus on sustainability

The objective of Group E is to trigger a change, not only from a technological point of view, but with a broader and noble vision that has become a priority for the group since this year: sustainability.

At the commercial level, in fact, the vendors most attentive to sustainability and social inclusion are selected.

In addition, society supports virtuous organisations that are at the forefront of environmental protection, sport promotion and civil society support every day.

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