Tim’s commitment to environmental sustainability is increasing: starting from the summer, Tim will propose new green products with the aim of significantly reducing emissions into the atmosphere.

Tim has decided to adopt the sale of reconditioned smartphones and the new Sim green, which in addition to having a halved size is made with 60% recycled plastic and has a fully biodegradable packaging.

According to Tim, Sim Green will reduce plastic consumption by about 13 tons per year.

In this context, also modems and cordless phones will be offered in a sustainability perspective, adopting ecodesign criteria also through the use of recycled and recyclable materials.

The new Tim Green line is evolving and will also include measures that meet the circular economy, including the recycling of used smartphones.

Tim already allows customers to deliver their used device and obtain solutions for the purchase of a new product (Tim Supercurrency). With Tim Next: the customer can buy a smartphone in installments and, after a year, choose whether to keep it, replace it or return it.

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