Today the technical system prepared at EU level for the verification of the Digital Green Certificate, better known as green pass, is in operation, the certificate proposed by the European Commission in order to resume to travel safely, safely and in respect of privacy.

Available in digital or paper format, the green pass will prove that a person has been vaccinated against the VOCID-19, that it has been tested negative or that it has recovered from an infection.

Following the political agreement on the regulation governing the certificate, reached on 20 May between the European Parliament and the Council, the technical supporting structure of the EU system enters into operation on 1 June.

The EU gateway allows verification of the security elements contained in the QR codes of all certificates in just two months, so that citizens and authorities are sure of their authenticity.

No personal data shall be exchanged or retained during this process. The gateway shall complete the preparatory work at EU level.

Since May 10, 22 countries have already successfully tested the gateway.

The Regulation will apply from 1 July, but all Member States that have carried out the technical tests with positive results and are ready to issue and verify certificates can already start using the system on a voluntary basis.

The first seven States

Seven Member States • Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland have already decided to connect to the gateway and started issuing the first EU certificates, while some countries will wait

Many other countries, including Italy, will join in the coming days and weeks.

What is the Digital Green Certificate,

The green pass is a statement that can prove one of the following:

vaccination against Covid;

Covid healing (which corresponds to the end of isolation date, prescribed following a positive buffer test);

the report of a rapid molecular or antigen test showing a negative result, carried out within 48 hours prior to the test.

In Italy this Digital Green Certificate, or green pass, will be available on your electronic health file and you can download the IO and Immuni apps, as well as through the website that you know is preparing Sogei and that will be activated in the next

On this site, the green pass is supposed to be obtained via the Spid, or the Electronic Identity Card and with identity verification through the now widespread OTP system.

The operation will produce a QR Code, digital, of course, but also printable: the Digital Green Certificate.

Certificate characteristics as established by the EU

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