The Privacy Supervisor, in an urgent way, has expressed a favourable opinion on the draft decree of the President of the Council of Ministers introducing simplified procedures for verifying the Green Passes of school staff, alternatives to ordinary ones that provide for the use of the C-Verify App19, which

The text incorporates the indications provided by the Privacy Guarantor in the context of informal interlocations and meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health, in order to ensure the correct fulfilment of the obligations regarding green passes for school staff

In particular, educational institutions, as employers, will only check • through the Education-Sidi Information System and the National Platform-DGC • the mere possession of the Green Pass by staff, dealing exclusively with data

The verification process must be carried out daily before the workers’ access to the premises and must only concern the staff for whom the actual presence on the day of the verification is planned, excluding those who are absent for specific reasons: for example, for holidays, permits or illness.

Following the green pass control activity, the verification entities will only collect data strictly necessary for the application of the measures provided for in the event of non-compliance with the requirements on the green pass (e.g. unjustified absence, suspension of the employment relationship and payment

Special attention has also been paid by the Privacy Authority on security measures to be taken. The persons required to carry out the checks will be able to access, in a selective manner, only the data of the staff in service at the educational institutions of their own competence. To avoid any abuse, the verification of the possession of the certifications Covid-19 by the subjects required to the controls will be subject to registration in appropriate logs (preserved for twelve months), without however keeping track of the results of the verifications.

It is also expected that the impact assessment, carried out by the Ministry of Health, on treatments related to the issue and verification of the green certifications Covid-19, will be integrated and updated taking into account the specific risk scenarios related to health data of about one million school workers, lending

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