It is undeniable that the web collaboration received an impressive evolutionary boost during 2020, and Cisco is well aware of this thanks to its Webex platform.

To comment on the latest and important news in this sense is Agostino Santoni, Cisco Italia’s CEO. The manager stressed that the health emergency has presented important challenges for the resilience of the infrastructure and not only: the need to continue communicating effectively and productively has become increasingly strong.

The collaboration project at all levels was already part of Cisco’s mission; the inclusive future for all inevitably passes through Webex according to the company’s vision.

Rethinking the way to work, collaborate and learn is an inevitable commitment in a world strongly impacted by the emergency coronavirus; Cisco’s academys were active since not suspicious times (even in prisons like that of Bollate) and this allowed

The network, moreover, proved essential during the pandemic, and the technologies that are linked to it are part of Cisco’s DNA. Webex’s ads, according to Santoni, differ for Cisco from the competition: the open technology on which the platform is based allows easily to integrate the new acquired realities, to provide a 10 times greater experience than that obtainable in a physical meeting.

Webex, in short, aims to become an ambitious standard in collaboration. A challenge that Cisco is not afraid to take up, despite the fact that opponents to challenge and overcome are names like Microsoft or Zoom. Simplicity and ease of integration guide Webex’s development, concludes Santoni, with security as a basic and reassuring parameter

Michele Dalmazzone, Head of South Europe Collaboration has indicated a fundamental point: today it is not a physical place, a headquarter, to be the focal point of the activity, but the internet is.

It is not only the pandemic that has imposed this new strategy, but the evolution of technology itself. Cisco therefore aims to improve the experience of use and interaction of people, enabling them to reach not the same levels of physical meetings, but to overcome them for comfort and satisfaction.

Many meetings have been held via Webex in these months, across countless markets and sectors. Whether it is manufacturing, retail, banking, but also education and government, there are no organizations and institutions that can be said to be immune from this digital transformation process. Even Queen Elizabeth, the highest expression of a traditional historical world, has easily become accustomed to the use of Webex.

New functions like Cisco Webex Assistant are concerned with transcribing what is said by voice, facilitating not a little (for example) hearing impaired people, or taking note of the actions to be carried out. In the near future, it will allow simultaneous translation, helping meetings between colleagues or people who speak different languages (Italian support is scheduled for March 2021).

Artificial intelligence will even be able to understand gestures: applause is translated from the IA as an approval report for speakers, allowing a very effective and immediate interaction.

The immersive share feature, underlines Dalmazzoni, shows the speaker alongside his presentation, and the gatherings will also be facilitated by numerous quick templates with which to start meetings on Webex in a few moments.

Cisco hardware systems are now a larger pier: Webex Desk Camera in 4K resolution and abiltiata by AI able to recognize gestures (such as putting the mute, for example).

Webex Desk Hub is designed for shared environments, where users can use the device as if it were their own, and Webex Desk and Desk Pro are all-in-on collaboration platforms and go to enrich the,

By closing its intervention, Dalmazzoni has strongly stressed the importance of cybersecurity for Cisco. the company invests a lot on this area, and managing every aspect of internet traffic Cisco feels a lot the responsibility to put users and organizations safe: one

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