Great news for Sap: the German company has planned the spinoff and quotation on Qualtrics stock exchange, which had joined the group in 2018 in a transaction of 8 billion dollars.

In fact, Sap announced his intention to proceed to the IPO of Qualtrics United States. The primary objective of Sap for the IPO is to strengthen Qualtrics’ ability to fully grasp its market potential within Experience Management. This will help increase the autonomy of Qualtrics, which is part of Sap’s cloud portfolio and allow it to expand its presence both within the Sap customer base and beyond.

It is also right to recall that Qualtrics has always operated with greater autonomy than other companies previously acquired by the German company. The founder Ryan Smith and the current management team of Qualtrics will continue to manage the company.

Sap currently owns 100% of Qualtrics shares and will retain its majority ownership. In fact, the company has no intention of giving up control of it, while Ryan Smith intends to become the largest individual shareholder in Qualtrics.

A final decision on the IPO and its conditions and timing is pending and subject to market conditions.

As the German company, as a majority shareholder, will continue to fully consolidate Qualtrics, the transaction should not have an impact on the financial objectives 2020 or in the long term.

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