Among the new features of the Power Platform announced by Microsoft at the recent Build 2021 conference, there are also new features of Microsoft Power Fx, a low code open source programming language.

These new features allow developers to build applications using natural language, without the need to write code.

The new experience is focused on three key scenarios: the natural language becomes Power Fx code, the Power Fx code becomes natural language and programming for example, where a user inserts an example of a data pattern that trains the model.

This experience is based on Gpt-3, the powerful natural language model of OpenAI, running on Azure Machine Learning. And this is the first time that Gpt-3 is used for the functionality of a commercial product by Microsoft.

It is an important step (even though announced by the previous agreement with OpenAI) that Gpt-3 is integrated into Microsoft Power Apps, the low code app development platform that helps everyone, by people with little or no code experience

For example, Microsoft stressed, the new functions powered by artificial intelligence will allow an employee who builds an ecommerce app to describe a programming goal using a colloquial language as

An optimized Gpt-3 model then offers choices to transform the command into a Microsoft Power Fx formula, the programming language of the Power Platform, of the type: Filter(

Implementations of this type of Gpt-3 can solve real business needs on an enterprise scale, according to Microsoft.

Although Power Fx is built on Microsoft Excel, and is therefore much easier to use than traditional programming languages, creating complex data queries can still represent a steep learning curve, and these new features help to lower access difficulty.

Using an advanced artificial intelligence model like this, Microsoft said, can help low code tools become even more available to an even larger audience, becoming truly no code.

Developed by OpenAI, an independent research and development company of artificial intelligence, Gpt-3 is a natural language model that runs on Azure.

Thanks to a partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft has a license to use the code behind the Gpt-3 model. This allows Microsoft to integrate this technology directly into its products.

Although citizens developers did not need to know real programming languages, Microsoft stressed, before they had to understand the logic of articulated formulas such as: FirstN(Sort(Search(

With the new Gpt-3-based features, a person can get the same result by typing a sentence in a simple language like: Feature 10 orders that have strollers in the name of the product ordered by date of purchase with the

These functions, he also pointed out Microsoft, do not replace for a person the need to understand the code he is implementing, but are designed to assist employees who are learning the Power Fx programming language and help them choose the right formulas to get the result they have

This extra support according to Microsoft can dramatically expand access to the construction of more advanced apps and train people more quickly to use low-code tools.

The new features announced at Microsoft Build will be available in English preview throughout North America by the end of June.

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