Google has announced a new feature for Wear OS, the Tile, whose roll-out will start next month on smartwatch compatible with the operating system for Mountain View wearable devices.

The Tile allow you to quickly have under your eye functions such as targets, next event, weather forecast, heart rate, news headlines and timer.

With a swipe on the left, Google explains, the user can view the Tile and, therefore, carry out activities such as: verify progress in relation to fitness goals, start a training, know where to be for the next appointment,

You can configure your smartwatch according to your needs by customizing the Tile function. To place the Tile in the order you want to see them, just touch and hold on any Tile on your smartwatch, or touch and drag one into the Wear OS by Google app. This will allow us to stay connected more immediately with what we are interested in and is more important to us, at the same time with the possibility of keeping other information and actions under control.

Google also informed that Wear OS developers will continue to add more Tile over time, to increase the actions and content that you can have quickly to. This option allows you to quickly and easily access the information and functions that we most usefully have available on your wrist.

The roll-out of this new feature will start for Wear OS smartwatch, as we said, next month.

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