The Google Workspace update work carried out by the Mountain View company is continuous and regular: sometimes it is important releases, with new features of importance; other times of minor improvements but which, overall, improve the experience of

Even the first month of the new year has recorded a long series of updates and in the last week Google has made some minor releases, but not less interesting.

As always, the roll out of Google Workspace updates is gradual and not always simultaneous for all plans and geographical areas.

One of the new features is that you can now resize the Chat and Rooms sections in the navigation column to the left of Gmail on the web. This update to the user interface makes it easier to keep on top and navigate faster to the most important chats.

Another new feature concerns Google Sheets: a range name box (called range) has been added to the left of the formula bar to improve navigation in the spreadsheet.

Previously, active cells were only indicated by a blue outline and could be located by scrolling or using arrow keys. Now, you can use the interval box called to jump directly to the coordinates and ranges set in a sheet.

In addition, this box also provides a drop-down menu to easily access, manage and create new intervals named in the sheet.

Another Google Workspace update introduced the ability to enable offline support for Google Calendar on Google Chrome from your computer.

When support is enabled, the user can view his calendar and events from four weeks before or at any time in the future per week, day or month. This is a particularly useful feature when you are offline or dealing with unreliable Internet access.

When sharing the screen, Chrome now automatically hides the content of web pop-up notifications.

This includes notifications from Google Chat, emails and other third-party websites. When screen sharing ends, all silent notifications will be automatically displayed.

Other updates are: information about who is out-of-office, which is now displayed when you reply or mention a user in a Google Docs comment; the ability for administrators to enable or disable the use of personal backgrounds

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