For years Google Cloud customers who are subject to European data protection laws have been able to rely on the Platform’s Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs).

These were previously approved by regulators to legitimise transfers across the ocean of their customers’ personal data when companies use Big G services.

Now, the Mountain View company has announced an update of its data processing terms for Google Cloud Platform, as well as for Google Workspace (including Workspace for Education) and Cloud I

This update is intended to incorporate several modules of the new EU SCCs approved by the European Commission on 4 June 2021, as well as separate UK SCCs.

For all Google Cloud customers, the company said, this new approach first offers clear and transparent support for their compliance with applicable European data protection laws.

Then, it simplifies the entities involved in the contracts, no longer requiring any customer to deal with an additional Google entity only for SCC purposes. Finally, it is more aligned with potential data flows within services.

For customers located in Europe, Google has stated that it has further simplified the compliance of data transfer by assuming all the responsibilities imposed by the new SCCs.

Google also published a new document outlining European legal rules for data transfers and explains the Californian company’s approach to the implementation of the new EU

Google has also reiterated its commitment to help all customers who rely on the company’s cloud services to meet applicable regulatory requirements, protecting any international transfer of their data.

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