Search engines are, almost for all users, the home page of your browser, and among them Google is by far the most used.

This is an easy statement to make, and almost certainly no reader would have expected otherwise. What perhaps not everyone knows is the actual proportion of the size of Google’s domain in the search engine sector.

To put the disarming percentages of this success on the record is a very authoritative source as a statesman.

The site points out that since the introduction of Google research in 1997, the global market share of all search engines has always been rather unbalanced.

In fact, statesman recalls, Google has dominated the search engine market in Italy, while maintaining a quota of 91.7% in January 2021.

No wonder, then, that most of Google’s revenue is generated through advertising.

Over time, the company has constantly expanded its services: from e-mail (the famous Gmail service), productivity tools, company products, mobile devices and other initiatives such as voice assistants and smart speakers.

As a direct consequence of this range of services and the huge market share in search engines, according to Statista, Google obtained one of the highest revenues of technology companies in 2020 with about 181.69 billion dollars.

In January 2021, according to Statista, the Bing online search engine accounted for 6,84% of the global search market, while Google market leader had a market share of.85,86%. The market share of the Chinese Baidu search engine was 0.55%.

In fact, only Bing showed a growing trend, from a 4% share in early 2019 to the current 6,84%. Numbers, those of the Microsoft home engine, far from representing a threat to Google. In a particularly dynamic sector such as ICT, Google’s control of search engines for over a decade is simply incredible, and the result of its constant commitment to providing ever-new services. In addition to the courage to cut the dry branches (someone said Google+?) when necessary.

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