Google announced the second beta of Android 12. The first beta, launched at the I/O conference in May, the new version of the smartphone operating system presented the first glimpses of Google’s.

It was logical that many of the new features and design promised were not yet part of this first beta.

Android 12 Beta 2, new for privacy management

With this new beta, Google is adding a robust part of what we expect, presenting the new to its beta testers. Mention of the new privacy dashboard, which makes it easier for users to see which apps have recently used the microphone, camera and location of their smartphone.

Other new features available in Android 12’s Beta 2 are the addition of microphone and camera indicators that show users if an app is using them, as well as new quick setting switches to disable access to the app.

When the access is disabled, apps will not be able to access smartphone audio and video.

In relation to this, Google is also adding a notification of reading the notes on Android that shows readers when an app is reading from the notes.

Another new feature of beta 2 is a new Internet panel that simplifies the transition between Internet providers, Wi-Fi networks and more.

Google, a few months from the final version

With this version, Google is now only distant a release from the stable version of Android 12, which is expected for release in August.

As the company notes, it is definitely time for developers to complete compatibility tests and release compatible versions of their apps, SDKs and libraries. Given the current monthly release rate, we will probably see a final version of Android 12 in September.

For anyone who wants to test the new features offered by Android 12 beta 2, I will need a compatible smartphone. Unlike some previous preview versions, this list includes many non-Google devices. You will find a full list of supported devices and instructions on how to start the registration process on non-Google devices here.

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