About two years ago, the Mountain View company launched Google One, a subscription service that offers a unique storage space, divided into several plans, for various tasks. Expanded storage plans have introduced the possibility to share your storage space with family members, live support for questions to Google and benefits for members, such as credits for Google Play and rewards for

Last year Google launched the automatic phone backup, for subscribers, on Android devices.

Now, the Mountain View company is making some of Google One’s features, including phone backup and a new storage management tool, free for Google users wherever Google One is available.

You can back up your devices and clean up your files on Google Photos, Google Drive and Gmail, all in the new Google One app for Android and iOS.

The automatic backup of the phone will be available on Android phones, informed Google, even for those who do not have a Google One subscription. For iPhone users, Google is also introducing a new iOS app that allows you to store photos, videos, contacts and calendar events with Google.

You can start backing up your smartphone with the Google One app to save things that are most relevant and secure your cloud data, using the 15 GB of free storage space provided with l’ac There is therefore no additional storage space available.

The Mountain View company team has also added a new storage manager to the Google One app and the web, which offers users an easy way to see how they are using their storage space and, if they need to, free up With the new storage manager, a user can store the desired files and get rid of those that no longer need them, to make room for others, all from one place.

If you need more storage space and want a complete Google One experience, you can always upgrade to a Google One subscription directly from the app.

Plans are available that offer different storage sizes, with costs starting from 1.99 euros per month.

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