When you search for information on the Internet with Google, you often come across results from familiar sources, such as websites of large retailers, national news sites and others; but there is also a large amount of content and services available from sites that maybe not

To offer the user some more details about the sources of the content without having to do further research on the sites, next to most results the search engine of Google will start to place an icon that symbolizes a menu: touching it, the menu

With this additional contextual information, users can make more informed decisions on the sites they might want to visit and on what results might be most useful.

When it is available, Google will show a description of the website from Wikipedia.

If a website does not have a Wikipedia tab, the search engine will display additional context information, such as when Google first indexed the site.

For the functions that Google provides to organize different types of information, such as job ads or ads from local companies, you can see a description of how Google gets that information from websites on the web, or from companies themselves, and presents it in a useful

Users will also be able to quickly verify whether the connection to the site is secure based on its use of HTTPS protocol, which encodes all data between the website and the browser.

If necessary, the buttons will also provide quick access to your privacy settings and the explanation of how Google Search works, via links to the resources of online support.

The roll-out of this new feature will start shortly with the search engine in English in the United States on the desktop, mobile web and Google app for Android.

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